By the way, we are open all year long. Looking for a great way to celebrate? Fireworks aren’t only for Independence Day any more, and America’s Thunder Fireworks is a store that’s more than prepared to equip you with all the colorful and noisy pyrotechnics you’ll need to set the night off right!

One of Kentucky’s first year-round fireworks stores is now open and ready to supply customers with everything from sparklers, firecrackers, snap pops, and roman candles to the big stuff. We’re talking artillery shell kits including anywhere from six or twelve on up to a whopping 80 separate shells that can keep the life of that party going for hours. Mortars not really your thing? For those of you looking for something a bit simpler, please look to our wide array of two-hundred and five-hundred gram cakes. These bad boys are preloaded with varying numbers and styles of shots, and with the lighting of a single fuse, you can light up the sky with a bombardment of flashes and bangs that will be sure to get everyone’s attention!

So please, stop in and have a look around. You may be surprised at just how easy it can be to upgrade a birthday, wedding or your New Year’s Eve celebration with just a few exciting explosions!